Since you are so fond of it, tell us what you know about about Zhup Lao.

Zhup Lao (十楼 or ‘ten floors’ in Teochew or Hokkien) is a nickname given to the iconic ten-storey HDB blocks in the Commonwealth Drive neighbourhood. If you’re taking a taxi here, just say Zhup Lao and any older taxi driver will know exactly where you want to go. To younger taxi drivers, you have to say Tanglin Halt, which is the name of the street around the Zhup Lao blocks in the Commonwealth area.


我的名字‘惠颖’是我父亲在参考人名学后为我取的。虽然他声称名字没有特殊的含义,但我相信这名字承载着他对我的期望。‘惠’是我的家族中的女孩统一规定的辈份名,而‘颖’有两个意思—— 独特与聪颖。