PLATFORM is a gathering of Singapore-based photographers, who use stills, video or multimedia, to tell stories.

While our initial focus was on social documentary, we have evolved to expand to other genres to reflect the variety of ways photographers engage with the medium.

PLATFORM was started with two main goals:

– to foster visual storytelling in Singapore through the photography medium
– to bring these stories, that touch on issues concerning our community, to a greater Singaporean audience

In 2013, PLATFORM embarked on, a mega project to celebrate the nation’s 50th birthday by publishing more than 20 books that feature works by 70 Singapore-based photographers.

In 2016, it also spearheaded and published +50, two books featuring the works by 50 Singapore-based photographers.

We have contributed to many like-minded groups in the past and will continue to collaborate with others to build a healthy environment for visual storytelling in Singapore.

After a short break, PLATFORM is back again for a new season starting January 2017, led by Juliana Tan and Bernice Wong, two young photographers who have benefited from the sessions and want to give back to the community. The new season of PLATFORM will center around bi-monthly show-and-share sessions at Objectifs Center of Photography and Film.

PLATFORM had a very humble start in 2010 when the ‘founding’ members, which include Tay Kay Chin, Ernest Goh, Darren Soh, Leonard Goh, Alex Teh, Nicholas Chee, Lim Wei Yang, Samuel He, Sam Kang Li & Desmond Lim, saw a need to have a regular avenue for storytellers to meet and exchange ideas.

From 2011-2015, the active drivers of the group were Tay Kay Chin, Darren Soh, Leonard Goh and Ernest Goh.



Bernice Wong

Juliana Tan

Dara Ong


Tay Kay Chin