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PLATFORM is a gathering of Singapore-based photographers, who use stills, video or multimedia, to tell stories.

But beyond just Telling, we want to Show you our Stories.

Our primary interest is in serious social documentary.

PLATFORM is set up with two goals:

- to foster social documentary visual storytelling in Singapore through the photography medium

- to bring these stories, that touch on issues concerning our community, to a greater Singaporean audience

Apart from online activities, PLATFORM has a regular show-and-share session, every first Tuesday of each month, 800 pm to 1030 pm, at Sinema Old School, Mount Sophia.

PLATFORM’s ‘founding’ members include Tay Kay Chin, Ernest Goh, Darren Soh, Leonard Goh, Alex Teh, Nicholas Chee, Lim Wei Yang, Samuel He, Sam Kang Li & Desmond Lim.

Although not all of the “founders” are active now, we want to continue to recognize the important role they played in the early days.

The key drivers of this initiative today are Kay Chin, Ernest, Darren, Leonard & Alex.

We are always on the look-out for like-minded people to join us in making this more than just a social gathering.

This is PLATFORM’s official website.

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